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November - 2019 Tip from Talma

Mapping Your Member Changes

You are probably asking, "what do you mean mapping your member changes?" Mapping your member changes is just like keeping a diary, recording your daily events. Well, just like when you are currently listed as unemployed or not attached to a facility and you have found new employment, you would only need to update the new employment. If you are currently employed or attached to a facility and have found new employment, then you would need to end the employment with the current employer and enter new employment with the new employer. The same holds true when you have other member changes. When the change occurs, go ahead and update your profile. This is mapping your every move so that your profile is accurate at all times. Tip: Always check your profile by way of the Member Directory at before submitting member change information or just to check for any discrepancies. This will alleviate any delays in processing your member changes.

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