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PGA Jr. League


PGA Jr. League is a fun, social, and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 17 & under, to enjoy the game of golf. Like other recreational youth sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with friends. Our Carolinas PGA Professionals captain teams in a popular two-person scramble format which reinforces the team concept and creates a nurturing environment for learning the game of golf. More than 3,200 juniors across the Carolinas participate in this entry point to the game. For more information about PGA Jr. League, please CLICK HERE!

In 2020, over 1,860 juniors and more than 144 PGA Professionals participated in PGA Jr. League throughout the Carolinas. With the continued support of Carolinas PGA Members, 2021 looks to be even stronger as we look to grow this fun, introductory golf program.

Daryl Batey

Are you interested in bringing PGA Jr. League to your facility? If so, please contact the Carolinas PGA Jr. League Regional League Manager, Daryl Batey, PGA at (770) 378-5992 or at to learn more!


2021 FALL Captain & Coach Registrations Open Now!

As a reminder, Captains must be PGA Members, PGA Associates or LPGA Members in good standing to register.

Before you register, we encourage you to complete the Pre-Registration Planning Tool. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Regional League Manager, Daryl Batey, PGA at

To become a Coach, search for your Captain or facility below and follow the link provided to register.

Click here to register as a Fall PGA Jr. League Captain or Coach today!

Click here to download the Captain Registration Checklist.

What to Expect from this Planning Tool

  • This is a supplemental tool designed to help make the official Captain Registration process faster and easier
  • All fields are optional
  • You will be prompted to plan out the program details you will be required to provide later
  • We will also provide best practices designed to help you resonate more with what your parents and players may be looking for
  • Enter your information at the end to receive a copy of your responses* so you can copy and paste answers into your official Captain Registration.

*We will also send your Regional League Manager a copy so that they can follow up if they have any questions.

If you need assistance planing your program, please contact your Regional League Manager, Daryl Batey, PGA at

Welcome to the Team!

NBA star Stephen Curry and U.S. Women’s Soccer star Alex Morgan are the newest PGA Jr. League Ambassadors. Watch their introduction video!

Click here to see more of our PGA Jr. League Ambassadors!

How does PGA Jr. League work?

At its core, PGA Jr. League is a group of local golf teams who play a series of games against each other, utilizing a nurturing and social scramble format. PGA and LPGA Professionals exclusively serve as Captains and are responsible for creating a welcoming environment for all that encourages skill and character development.

PGA Jr. League Game Guide

Every PGA Jr. League player will receive a PGA Jr. League Game Guide booklet, which is a fun and interactive guide to the ins-and-outs of the program.

How is PGA Jr. League played?

  • SCRAMBLE: In the format that PGA Jr. League uses, both players on a team hit drives. The best shot is selected, then each player plays from the selected spot, and this process continues until the ball is holed.
  • MATCH: As part of the GAME, players participate in head-to-head MATCHES. A MATCH is nine holes in length and the Captain or Coach is responsible for appropriately assigning players to each MATCH.
  • GAME: A competition between two PGA Jr. League teams. A GAME consists of two teams, each fielding at least eight players (10 players in postseason broken into four groups of two).
  • FLAG: Each MATCH is broken into three of these. A FLAG is three holes in a row, and each team has the opportunity to earn points at the end of each FLAG. At the end of a FLAG is also where substitutions may be made. Each GAME consists of 12 FLAGS. Each FLAG is worth 1 point, for a total of 12 possible points per GAME.

Click here to learn more.


Play on teams and compete in a two-person scramble format.



Enjoy plenty of opportunities for fun, friends and family engagement with golf.



Open to both boys and girls, 17 and under, of all abilities!


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