What happens if I become unemployed?

You can keep your current classification and enter into your grace period.  The grace period starts on the last day of employment and will last one year from the unemployment date and the remainder of that fiscal year.  For example, if your last day of employment is March 15, 2021, the grace period would expire on June 15, 2022.  During your grace period you maintain eligibility to play in Section events.  After the grace period expires, your classification will automatically change to a “Reserve” member, formally known as “IN” Inactive member.

A Reserve member is a PGA member that is not eligible for an active or life member classification.  While classified as Reserve, you must continue to complete MSR and pay dues, which will be a lower fee.  You can remain a Reserve member indefinitely; however, you are not tournament eligible.  Reserve status time does not count towards meeting a Retirement Classification.   Please be mindful that if you do not pay your dues, your membership will be terminated.

If you should find eligible employment within the grace period, you can update your employment change using the online change form via PGA.org or you may download the form and fax, email or mail to the Section.  Please update new employment or any member changes within 10 days.

What steps can an Associate take if he or she needs to extend time to complete the PGA Program?

You have the option to submit an appeal letter to the Board of Control.  Please keep in mind we can’t guarantee the outcome. You will need to submit an appeal letter to the Board of Control with the following information on a Word document:

  1. Your Associate ID number;
  2. Your name & contact information;
  3. Please address the letter to Tom Brawley, Senior Director of Membership Services;
  4. In the body of the letter please indicate why you are asking to extend your time & why you weren’t able to complete Level 1 in its original time frame & anything else that might assist you in your case.

You can fax the letter to (561) 624-7625, attention: Tom Brawley, Senior Director of Membership Services or email to tbrawley@pgahq.com

Another option is early termination from the current program. With early termination you would start over including the PAT.

What steps can an Associate take to resign from the PGA Program?

For early termination from the current program, you will need to submit the following on Word document.

  1. Associate ID number;
  2. Your name & contact information;
  3. Please address the letter to Tom Brawley, Senior Director of Membership Services;
  4. In the body of the letter please include that you are asking for early termination from the current program you are in & why you weren’t able to complete the program in its original timeframe & anything else that might assist you in your case.

You can email the letter to Matt Sullivan, Membership Services Representative msullivan@pgahq.com.

What must I do to reinstate my membership?

Reinstatement is for members that have not been active members for more than one cycle year plus the time up to July 1. To reinstate into the Association, you can utilize the One-Time Reinstatement Option.  If you have already used the One-Time Reinstatement Option, it will be necessary to re-elect, which means meeting the election requirements in effect at that time.

Before reinstating, you must complete the deficit PDP requirements on record from previous termination (please contact Membership Services at 800-474-2776 and they can assist you with the number of PDR credits needed to complete).

You must complete a background check.  If convicted of a felony, misdemeanor or equivalent and submit documentation to PGA Membership Services Department to determine eligibility for PGA Membership prior to proceeding.  Per the PGA Code of Ethics, certain transgressions are cause for permanent preclusion to PGA Membership.

Once the above is satisfied, contact PGA Membership Services Department at 800-474-2776 to request a Reinstatement Application.  After you complete the application, and it has been received by PGA Membership Services Department they will in turn send it to the Section office for review and approval.  Once completed you will be reinstated into membership.  There are no interviews required by the Section.  You will be billed for both the delinquent dues and current pro-rated fiscal year dues at the time of reinstatement.

What must I do to re-establish my membership?

To re-establish your membership, you must contact PGAHQ Membership Services.  A Member or Associate is allowed the opportunity to re-establish their membership as long as the amount of time (1 season plus the time up to June 16) has not exceeded and they pay all dues that are required.

How would I make an appeal to the PGA Board of Control?

If you would like to appeal the decision, you may submit a Letter of Appeal to the Board of Control “BOC” along with supporting documentation to:

PGA of America Membership Services Department
C/O Tom Brawley
Senior Director of Membership Services
Home of the PGA of America – PGA Frisco
1916 PGA Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75033-0819

Or by way of fax to (561) 624-7625.  Please be sure to include your member ID number, name and contact information in the letter.  The BOC meets on a monthly basis.  Please contact Membership Services at 800-474-2776 for the next scheduled meeting.

What constitutes eligible employment?

Professionals that satisfy the following are considered employed in the golf industry and eligible for an active classification regardless of other income or profession:

  1. Employment must be in an area required by their classification and must average at least 30 hours a week for the entire season. The length of the season is determined by the Carolinas Section as April 1st through November 30th.
  2. Employment must fulfill all national and state guidelines including wage and hour requirements, income tax reporting requirements and social security tax requirements.
  3. Upon request individuals may be requested to provide to the Section or to the Association applicable income and tax records where cause exists to assist in determining the proper classification. The failure of the member/associate to provide the requested information by the deadline stated in the written request for information may result in a dismissal of the case with the inquiry/appeal denied summarily at the sole discretion of the body that requested the information.
  4. Professionals must document to the Section and the National Office as often as a quarterly basis (or another specified time period as agreed by the National Office and Section) that they are satisfying the eligible employment guidelines and the requirements of their classification.
  5. On an individual basis, the Board of Control may modify the eligible employment requirements for extenuating circumstances such as adverse weather, injury, illness, etc.

I am currently in Class F, what is the procedure to get out of Class F?

Members who do not satisfy the requirements of the Professional Development Program shall be reclassified as Class “F” Members of the Association at the beginning of the next fiscal year. They shall remain in this classification until they earn the deficit requirements of the previous period and an amount equal to the deficit in the new period. Class “F” Members who do not satisfy these requirements by the end of the Professional Development Program period in which they were transferred to Class F shall be terminated from membership.

Once Class F members get out of Class F, they will have additional requirements to be satisfied by the end of the current PDR cycle to avoid being transferred back to Class F.

So long as they are Members of the Association, Class “F” Members may not be transferred into any other classification until they satisfy these requirements. Members may appeal their classification as Class “F” Members or their termination from membership, as a result of these provisions, to the Board of Control in accordance with the provisions of Article VII.

What is a Life Century Member (LCM)?

A resolution was passed that life members who are at least 75 years of age with 25 years of active membership are eligible for a  one-time only transfer to Life Member Century.  This classification allows members to remain affiliated with the Association in name only and wear the PGA badge.

Members who do not meet the 75-year age and 25 years of active membership requirement, and who have extenuating medical circumstances, may appeal to the Board of Control in order to be transferred to Life Member Century (LMC).  Life Member Century (LMC) does not carry any Professional Liability insurance coverage and is an one-time permanent transfer.

When does a facility require more than one A-1 Head Professional?

  1. Notification of change and reason must be submitted from highest ranking member at the facility;
  2. Job duties of the A-1 are split between two professionals due to increased workload;
  3. Recommendation approval from the Board of Directors of the facility;
  4. Facility services has increased to the extent that would warrant an additional A-1.

Where can I find information on Health Insurance?

There are many member benefits found at www.PGA.org.  For specific location of health insurance benefit click on link below:


  1. Click on the Personal Insurance Tab
  2. In the drop down box, click on Health Insurance and Individual Insurance.  You may enter your contact information in the boxes provided or call “GetInsured” at 866-454-1940.

Where can I find information on using the PGA Logo? 

Click on the link below for PGA Logo details.


What is Class A-24?

Class A-24 is for a member that is primarily employed in the golf industry and not eligible for another Active classification.  This classification is a transfer classification only and is not eligible for election.

In order to change to Class A-24, a detailed job description on company letterhead must be submitted to the Section Membership Director and in coordination with PGA Membership Services Department, a determination of approval will be made.  The member will be contacted of the decision by the Section Membership Director.

Who do I contact regarding the status of my background check?

You would need to contact PGA of America Headquarters Membership Services Department.  The toll free number is 800-474-2776.

The PGA of America has officially moved our financial transactions into a new system called Workday. This means there may be a few steps you need to take to set up your account to receive payment on goods and services or purse money. Please click the Workday Link provided below to be directed to detailed information.  Listed below is information you will need to setup your account

  1. Name on the Bank Account
  2. Your email address
  3. Name of Bank
  4. City and State of bank branch
  5. Account ABA Number (routing number)
  6. Account number
  7. Tax ID or last four of SS#

Workday Direct Deposit

Got a Membership question?

If you have a membership question, you can email your question to tkee@pgahq.com.