What is the Member Change Form?

The member change form is the form that is used to submit changes such as employment, class or section, address, email or phone numbers.  The form can be completed online or printed copy.  Printed copies can be faxed, emailed or mailed to the Section.  All member changes weather online or printed copied must be submitted and approved by the Section.

Where can I find the online Member Change Form?

Login to www.pga.org.  Scroll down to bottom of home page and in the blue banner under the Resources column, click on Change Forms Library to be directed to use the online change form or the paper copy.  If you experience a problem with the online change form you can download the form and fax, email or mail form to the CPGA Section Office.

When should I complete a member change form?

All member changes should be submitted within 10 days of the change.  For employment changes, please see Article XI Reporting Requirements found on page A-35 of the 2022 PGA Constitution Bylaws and Regulations via PGA.org.

What happens if I submit an employment change beyond the 10-day grace period?

The CPGA Section has the right to assess a late fee for reporting employment after the 10-day grace period.  Each case is properly reviewed to determine if a fee will be assessed.  For employment member changes backdated out 30 days or more, at least 2 of the verifications below must be provided:

  • Employment Verification Letter on Company Letterhead from employer;
  • Employment Contract;
  • Sources of Income such as pay stubs, tax documents, etc.;
  • Time spent on the job must show a pattern that is regular, continuous at the place of employment;
  • Responsibilities must show a pattern that is regular, continuous at the place of employment and provide the public with golf-related goods and services;
  • Individuals may submit any additional information they feel appropriate.

What member changes should I report?

You should report all changes, such as address, phone number, email address, section transfer and employment change.  Employment changes should include previous employer name and last day of employment and new employer name, classification and start date.

If you are currently employed and changing to a retirement classification, you must indicate the last day of employment and select a retirement classification and the date you wish to retire.

If I work for a PGA authorized company located in another state, what is required to be listed as a member in the Carolinas PGA Section?

It is not unusual for a member to work for a company that is located outside of the Carolinas, however you must personally reside in the Carolinas.

When will I see the member change in the system?

Member Changes are reviewed and approved daily by the CPGA Membership Director.  An update with general information such as address, phone or email should be seen immediately.  Employment changes can take up to 24 hours or more depending on the circumstances of the employment change.  If you have questions regarding an employment change, please contact the Section Membership Director.

What is a Dual-Profession?

The National Office shall determine if a professional is eligibly employed based on the documentation provided by the professional and the recommendation of the Section. Should the National Office and Section disagree, the matter shall be submitted to the Board of Control. The Board of Control’s decision shall be binding by the Section and the National Office. Professionals are not determined to be eligibly employed until approval is obtained.

To be eligible for Dual-Profession:

  1. The member must work 30 hours on average.
  2. Employment must be in an area required by their classification;
  3. The average hours must be for the entire season, as determined by the Section.
  4. The CPGA Season is from April 1st through November 30th.

If I am a seasonal employee, will I need to submit an employment change form once the season is over for a facility?

Yes, you would need to submit a change form even if you are returning back to the same facility.

What is Dual Membership?

Dual membership is being a member of two PGA Sections.  In order to have dual membership:

  1. Both Sections would need to approve the membership;
  2. Must split time 50/50 in each Section;
  3. Must select a primary Section;
  4. Must pay membership annual dues for both Sections;
  5. If a member is seasonal, the employment must be updated each time of the change in order to be a member of the Section where currently employed.

What is required to become a Carolinas PGA Section Recognized Company?

To establish a PGA recognized company in the Carolinas Section, you would need to provide the following:

  1. Complete the PGA Recognized Association Form # 404 located in the Forms Library of the PGA.org home page banner.
  2. Provide corporate documentation from the Secretary of State or Form SS-4 EIN Letter.
  3. Provide brochure or advertisement of services provided.
  4. Provide a detailed job description on company letterhead.
  5. If you are an A-6 Sole Proprietor Teaching Professional, provide documentation on the facilities letterhead where you are permitted to perform lessons.
  6. Must be working full-time and is your main source of income.

How can I change the facility name?

Documentation of facility name change must be on company letterhead indicating the original name and the new name of the facility and its effective name change date along with any other information such as address, phone numbers, etc.  Additional documentation from where the business is registered from the Secretary of State should be provided indicating the name change.

If you are providing instruction from your home and in addition to the previous requirements, you must provide the following:

  1. Golf simulator equipment details that you use for instruction.
  2. Golf fitting equipment details that you use for golf fittings.
  3. Photo of equipment setup in your home.
  4. Size of the area for golf simulator and fitting.

Where can I find the PGA of America Bylaws & Constitution?

To read more details about the governance of the PGA of American, click link below:


PGA Member and Associate annual dues are due by year end June 30th.  Payment can be made online or by contacting PGA of America Membership Services Department at 800-474-2776.  The Section office cannot accept payments.  Once invoices are released to PGA.org notifications are sent via email advising that invoices are now ready to view, print or pay online.  Paper invoices are mailed out to those who do not have an email address on file.  Members and Associates are billed based upon their classification and Section affiliation at time of billing process.

For more information on annual dues, please refer to the PGA of America Constitution Bylaws and Regulations under Article X.  In addition, please view the Member & Associate Dues Schedule.


Got a Membership question?

If you have a membership question, you can email your question to tkee@pgahq.com.