Today is February 21, 2017


Meetings, Seminars, & MSR Opportunities
Available to CPGA Section Members


New Education and MSR Opportunity!

2017 Guru’s Teaching and Coaching Workshop

Date: Monday, March 13th

Place: Carmel Country Club, Charlotte North Carolina

Time: 8:30 – 6:30

9 MSR Credits 


Cost: $275.00/$225.00 for PGM students (includes lunch)

This year’s presenters include: Jason Sutton, Jon Tattersall, John Dunigan, James Ridyard, Tom Stickney and Tim Cooke

Email Jason Sutton at to reserve your spot.

Click Here For the Full Information Sheet With Presenter Info


To receive proper membership service requirement (MSR) Credits, Carolinas PGA members must send copies of their MSR certificates or other documentation of the event to the Carolinas PGA office.

Seminars outside The PGA or not on the approved list may be honored upon submission of documentation detailing the course content and length, as well as a certificate of completion or transcripts.  If honored, MSR Credits will be awarded as stipulated by MSR Rules and Regulations.

Receive Credits Online!
Complimentary online PGA Education is now available through  

These courses can be found by clicking on the following link and logging in with your username & password. Online Videos

There are multiple online video seminars.  PGA members can receive one (1) to two (2) PGA Education MSR by watching a video from the list, and taking an assessment at the conclusion of the video.

MSR credit may be earned only one time for any online MSR course. In order to earn MSR credit, you must score a 70% or higher on the assessment. If you do not score 70% or higher, you will be allowed one (1) re-take opportunity. You will be directed to the assessment when the video concludes.

Click here for the list of Area Meetings and Golf Challenges. Not sure which Area you belong to? View Our Area Map

Click here for a link to the Hilton Head Chapter seminars and forum.

Be sure to check out your allied associations such as and (among many others) for their educational opportunities.






Click Here to view 2017 Player Development Workshop Slideshow

***This slideshow is intended only for those who have attended the workshop.  You may not benefit from viewing the slideshow without having attended the workshop***