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Thrasher Golf

Thrasher Golf supplies Driving Range Equipment. Thrasher Golf is best known for our

*Twister® Golf Ball Washers with an Open Spiral design
*No Front-Wheel Innovator® Golf Ball Pickers
*#1 Selling Replacement Picker Drums


We also supply a variety of driving range accessories, including mats, pails, tees, etc. We offer a 1-Year Warranty and are proud to have been serving the golf industry for more than 40 years with products made in the U.S.A.

Owners Melissa & Destry Thrasher are proud to have their family name on their family-owned & operated small business – and will stand behind their products, because their family name is on them!

We specialize ONLY in Range Equipment & supplies, allowing us to focus on customer needs and making the best range products in the industry. Our products are made so well, that several other companies have taken to copying their design and their names. You can trust, we are the original, we have the patents to prove it (and be sure you don’t pay more for a knock-off product!).


Melissa Thrasher
Vice President

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Destry Thrasher

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Driving Range Supplies/Accessories (mats, baskets, etc.) / Golf Ball Washers / Golf Ball Pickers

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