Today is December 12, 2017

Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year: Bill Sampson, PGA

Old Tabby Links at Spring Island Club

Bill Sampson, Director of Golf at Old Tabby Links, receives the Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year Award for his outstanding service as a golf instructor. Bill has made numerous contributions to golf instruction within the Section for many years. He hosts private and group lessons, institutes weekly clinics, conducts three different golf schools for club members, hosts multi-day camps and even offers free lessons to juniors who cannot afford the fee (they earn the lessons by how much they practice, play and keep their grades up in school). Bill has instructed outstanding golfers like Don Allen (three-time low amateur at The Masters, player of 5 U.S. Opens and more); Gary Shimmin (ranked top 10 Super Senior by Golf Week 2013); and Tom Humphrey (Old Tabby Links Club Champion). Additionally, Bill is a member of the PGA President’s Council (since 1995), serves on the Golf Committee and Greens Committee at his club, and has won numerous awards within the Section and on a national scale including: CPGA Bill Strausbaugh Award (2007), CPGA Golf Professional of the Year (2011), and ranked #2 teacher in the state of South Carolina by Golf Digest in 2007-08. Bill Sampson has been a CPGA Member since 1997.