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The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and Coach Connect™ platform are used and trusted by top golf instructors across the country including Mark Blackburn, 2020 PGA National Teacher of the Year and Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA National Teacher of the Year. The company continues to focus on delivering a variety of sport training and simulation technologies that allow users to better understand performance through reliable statistics. This ultimately translates into Rapsodo’s motto of “Measure to Master.” 

Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches to cost-effectively analyze and improve their game. Founded in 2010, the company developed the first affordable golf personal launch monitor, distributed in the USA under SkyTrak. Today, we have the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, the only personal launch monitor that uses the power and convenience of your iPhone or iPad.  

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Art Chou
GM, North America

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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

*Pro-level launch data in the palm of your hand

Coach Connect™ 

*The only coaching platform that incorporates pro-level launch monitor data

Rapsodo Wedge Clinic

*Drive Revenue, Increase Engagement, Improve Performance

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