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The Player Tour

The Player Tour’s mission

is to establish a digital relationship with golfers of the next generation of participants of the sport……. The Player Tour’s™ approach to the Game is to digitally match on-course activity with on-line competition.

The game of Golf is now being driven by …

  • Digital options, devices, and features
  • Increasing demand for flexibility
  • Individualization
  • A need for immediate reward
  • Betting, gaming, and e-gaming

The Player Tour can now help Carolina PGA members to react to these trends by:

  • Aiding in club memberships and revenues
  • Adopting to a new high user demographic target group
  • Helping Golf Professionals to the change to the new Golf business model
  • Assisting in methods and the way of playing Golf
  • Better managing that time is a constraint on playing Golf
  • Understanding that Millennials are taking up the Game, but changing the way the Game is played


Joe White
Sales Representative

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