The most important part of getting better or succeeding in almost anything you do is ATTITUDE.

By: Brad Clayton, PGA
Teaching, Coaching, & Player Development Committee Best Practice

It is very difficult to teach golf through words or even through video, because the instructor cannot see all the many elements that go in to making your golf swing YOUR golf swing.  There is no substitute for hands on (hand on, in my instance : ) instruction.  So, when I write articles or even the book I published, I try to discuss things that will help without talking about technical swing mechanics and complicated theory, but about simple concepts that are logical and make sense.  There is no magic potion, but golf just doesn’t have to be that hard.  I am ALWAYS interested in feedback and love to get emails with questions and comments.  Please feel free to send any questions and thoughts to  Thank you for reading this and ALWAYS have fun!

   The most important part of getting better or succeeding in almost anything you do is ATTITUDE.  Without a positive attitude you can expect very little to go your way.  Positive energy breeds positive energy and negative energy breeds negative energy.  Even when you send out positive waves over and over only to get negative in return, you have to keep pushing out the positive.  In time, with positive energy, perseverance, and a proven direction, you will get back what you give out.  Sometimes the return is immediate and others require more time.  If you wish to see a smile….smile at someone.  If you wish to see a scowl……scowl.  If you wish to see a good golf shot….think positive and you will have a chance.  If you wish to see a not so good golf shot…..think negative and you will.   I like the smile and good golf shots myself.  ; )

Play your next entire round with a true smile on your face and a positive attitude.  See what happens.  Even if you hit 10 less than desirable shots in a row……smile and think that that shot is history.  Keep it light, focus, and commit on your next shot.  Do your best on each and you might just be amazed at how much fun you have, even when you do not do your best.  I’ll bet your score will actually be better as well.  One thing is for sure……your playing partners and you will have a more enjoyable day. 

Then….If you like….(please make sure I am not in your group ; ) go out with a negative attitude and energy and get upset every time you hit a less than desirable golf shot.  Can you imagine how tense and up tight you will get, not to mention how miserable a day you and your friends will have.  They may not be your friends at the end of the day if you even make it that far.  Take a guess which score will be better as well. 

If you will notice above, I mentioned, “with positive energy, perseverance, and a proven direction you will get back what you give out.”  The positive energy and perseverance will help you have more fun and give you the opportunity to play better, but does not guarantee it.  You can think positive, smile, and have the greatest attitude in the world, but if you do not have a positive direction and your swing does not have certain elements that match… will not produce consistent and powerful golf shots.  The positive attitude, perseverance, and smile will help you, regardless of the swing you are playing with, but just think how much better you can get if you pair that with a proven golf swing!  Once you get that positive attitude, you are ready to learn direction.  Give me a call….You WILL get better!  

 Brad Clayton, PuzzleDuck Golf

The very best to you and yours……Peace