The Importance of “Homework”
Award Winner Best Practice – July 2020

Robbie Fritz, PGA
2019 Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year

Greensboro Country Club

We have seen record numbers of golfers playing and practicing since the pandemic.  Many of them are surprised when they share with me that their handicap or scores have not improved and in some cases, scores have actually gone up!

For improvement in golf it takes practicing the right things, the right way, and interpreting the feedback in a way that the student can benefit.  When you see golfers that are struggling; either in your private lessons, group programs, or just as you come across them at your facility, I would highly recommend you reach out for help.  As a general rule, I never give golf advice unless it is asked for, but when you spot someone struggling with their game they rarely turn down the offer and often times they really appreciate you showing your care and expertise with them.

I think one of the most effective ways we can help as coaches is to give our students “homework” to practice.  A simple practice session might be giving them impact face tape to put on all of their clubs and then the student has to take pictures and send them back for evidence.  For a more detailed homework assignment I will literally write out every step of a practice session for a student that is struggling.  They have to check off each task one at a time as they complete the assignments.  This “HW” helps ensure the student is staying on task, gives them a reason to come out and practice the right things, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment when their worksheet is done.

It’s no secret that the more frequently golfers visit your facility it helps elevate other areas of the club.  By being proactive and stepping in to give your golfers written homework assignments you will increase the number of visits at your facility and increase the chances of your students staying on task and working on the things that actually help them play better golf.

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Director of Instruction
Greensboro Country Club
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Sample Homework:

Every day:
Dynamic Warm Up Routine –
Arm circles – 10 both directions
Wrist stretch
Toe Touch
Reverse Toe Touch
Inclined helicopter w/ palm down on club
Strong posture clap hands together feeling chest out and shoulder blades pinched back.
10 lawnmowers
10 lawnmowers w/ LH punch
10 lawnmowers w/ LH punch and RH uppercut
3 sets of 10 swings feeling: right leg straighten on backswing, full turn on backswing, head centered, tall finish.  OK if these are not full speed, but you should feel reach maximum speed after impact when going into strong tall finish.

3x per week at home:
After dynamic warm up routine
3 sets of 10 swings feeling “over then under” the noodle.  Check posture b/w each set.  Start slow speed.
3 sets of 10 swings feeling “over then under” the noodle and tall, balanced finish.

3x per week at range:
Dynamic warm up
Calibrate clubface and center contact with different % swings
10 balls – looong backswing w/ centered turn.  Check posture w/ each set.
30 balls – “over-under”
10 balls – tall finish
10 balls – looong backswing w/ centered turn while changing clubs and targets
30 balls – “over-under” while changing clubs and targets
10 balls – tall finish while changing targets.