Hurricane Preparedness from the PGA of America

Prepare for a Hurricane

Assistance Funds

The PGA Disaster Relief Fund is supported exclusively through contributions from PGA Professionals. To contribute to or apply for assistance, click here.

The Golf Relief and Assistance Fund was established in 2017 for golf industry personnel. To contribute to or apply for assistance, visit


  1. Be Informed: Make sure to monitor the storm at the National Hurricane Center:
  2. Prepare a Disaster Kit: FEMA provides valuable information on hurricane preparedness and relief at
  3. Plan a Communications Strategy: The Red Cross hurricane app will enable you to send “I’m safe” messages and find shelters with your smartphone. Download it at
  4. Floods: Before, During and After
  5. Windstorms: Before, During and After
  6. Hurricane-Related Links (includes PGA Disaster Relief)

In the event you are affected by this storm, SupportLinc is ready to assist. To help you prepare for Hurricane Florence and its aftermath, please contact PGA Member Assistance Program at 1-866-4PGAMAP to connect you to helpful resources or by logging into the MAP web portal at and viewing ‘Hurricane Preparedness’ in the News for You section.

The following articles on the PGA MAP web portal may also be helpful in preparing for Hurricane Florence:

Additional information and resources can be found on the SupportLinc web portal under the ‘News for You’ section. The team at SupportLinc is also ready to assist you in any way. Whether it’s connecting your members with resources, or getting them in touch with family members, we are available around-the-clock for support.

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Dealing with the Aftermath

Here are a few links that might be helpful once the storm has passed.