Perception of information for the Golf Swing is where ALL learning has its start.

Let’s single out a few of my top student perceptions that my teaching has led to big time improvement in a quick time frame.

Most golfers that have a flipping action in the Impact Area, that leads to a bent lead wrist, they actually think that the bending of the lead wrist is the uncorking of the lead wrist. They do not realize that unlocking of the lead wrist is a on plane perpendicular motion of the lead wrist.

Most weak ball strikers have the perception that address and impact are the same position. They thusly create a position that cannot exert pressure against the ball.
A quite simple drill would be used with the help of a 2X4 Board. Have the student move the board forward about 2 feet with the address position (Shaft&Body Wise) and then have the student move the 2X4  for 2 feet, with the correct impact position (Leaning Forward Shaft and Rotated Body). Ask the student which of the two positions has the most forceful strike on the ball. They will have immediate feedback in the mental and physical areas.

Lastly, students that hit pulls and slices are trying to create a straight line path to the ball in the downswing. Acquainting the student with the Arc of Approach of the club head on the downswing and the Arc of Separation of the club on the follow through will greatly be enhanced once the straight line theory is dismantled. This is easily explained and understood by using a alignment rod and placed over the top of the ball and showing the necessary ARC’S that will allow a draw or a straight shot.

Students constantly revert back to perceptions after layoffs due to injuries etc., so educating the student Mentally, is far easier than trying to educate them physically. Students who become mentally educated about the Golf Swing are more better prepared to self educate themselves.

In closing, it is very evident that what our ideas and perceptions are about in the Golf Swing, they will clearly influence what our BODY can do in our Golf Swing.

Leo E. Halloran, PGA, LM
Rick Murphy Golf Academy