Nothing Gets Done Without a Deadline
Award Winner Best Practice – July 2020

Robbie Fritz, PGA
2019 Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year

Greensboro Country Club


It’s fun to look back at my calendar from a week or month ago.  Like yours, it is l literally filled every day with appointments, reminders, to-do lists, events, locations, etc.  If I don’t write something down and put in on the calendar it just simply doesn’t get done.  The same thing happens with our students and their golf.  Everyone wants to improve and say they want to practice and play more, but if it doesn’t get on their calendar then it likely doesn’t happen.

Here at Greensboro Country Club we have had a lot of success in our group instructional programs by requiring students to sign up for multi week commitments.  In the fall and spring semesters we offer twelve-week commitments and in the winter and summer seasons we offer eight-week programs.  I think many students that want to learn and improve are just waiting for you to offer a program like this because they understand this is the type of commitment and dedication that it takes to improve.

When a student blocks their calendar it also puts a little accountability or pressure on them to practice or play in between classes.  When they practice or play more obviously the amount of time they spend at your facility goes up and this only benefits other areas of the operation, such as merchandise, food and beverage, etc.  I also think through this additional practice and play the student learns more about their game and this often times leads to more private lessons for you to supplement with the group instruction.

The turn key solution for us has been Operation 36.  We follow their curriculum and have been blown away by the excitement, demand, retention, and overall enjoyment for our members.  I think part of the secret formula here in addition to requiring the multiweek commitment has been the adaptability of the program to fit the right challenge point for golfers of various skill levels or golf experience.  Check out or feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way.

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