Teaching & Coaching Best Practice

Kevin Britt, PGA

Elite Level Training

Golf is the only sport where many players mainly train to fix problems. There are certainly times when teaching golf we need to fix problems and correct mistakes, however we spend entirely too much time and energy on this. Instead we need to train for competition; We need drills to maximize our learning capacity; Practice should be tougher than the tournaments; Have your players prepare for tough and unique situations.

Learn as much as possible through;

  • Education (Internet)
  • Books (Golf related and others)
  • Teaching and Coaching seminars (local and national)
  • Other teachers
  • Get certified in specialized areas that interest you

For Your Students

  • The relationship that you build with your student
  • Show you care
  • Educate parents of your junior students
  • Gain trust
  • Lead by example
  • Create environment at your facility for elite level players
  • Spend more time with students on the course, not just the range
  • Be engaged and excited to see your student
  • Pay attention to the needs of the students
  • Watch them compete in tournaments
  • Post success of your students

Training Zone

  • Games and drills need should be designed to complete the “task”
  • Drills need to be a challenge just above the players comfort level
  • Chaos needs to be a part of the learning environment
  • Limit blocked practice
  • Random practice challenges student with interference that will create greater retention

Give back to the game

  • Volunteer your time (First Tee, Folds of Honor, Wounded Warriors, etc.)
  • Help other teachers become better teachers


A Few Sample Short Game Drills


  1. 8 Tees in circle five feet from hole, make three from each, rotate on makes or misses. Finish 24 in a row
  2. 40’s-40 in a row from 4 ft(10 from 4 spots around the hole)
  3. Small hole drill- (Holtby’s Center Spot or you can use tees)
  4. 3-6-9 (Three balls from 3ft, 6ft, 9ft and start over until completed)
  5. Perfect Putter gate drills to get ball online (can use tees)
  6. Large EyeLine Mirror-Check eye and shoulder alignment
  7. Speed-Use 6 Balls to putt to strings from random locations, must remain inside width of alignment stick. Vary location of start must complete from a minimum of 4 locations. Switch between uphill and downhill


  1. Use 9 iron and vary targets
  2. Use 5 different clubs to target, median ball must be 4 feet or less
  3. Use 10 balls and have min of 5 balls finish between 4 alignment sticks(5 feet apart). Always put sticks on a slope to allow the balls to curve into the area


  1. Little to no divot and we want to create max friction (keep club clean)
  2. Hit to various targets every shot (must hole a certain number out)
  3. Practice landing on target (wet towel or target rings) then allow roll to hole
  4. 9 ball drill – 3 low, standard, high to 3 different targets
  5. Play 9 holes from off the green from various locations and complete in 20 shots or less
  6. Pitch balls off of the green (advanced only)

Intermediate Wedge Shots

  1. Use targets for distance control at 30 to 80 yards
  2. Launch angle should be 28 to 30deg


  1. 3 dollar drill, learn to use bounce
  2. Use 5 balls, each should go farther and all balls stay on green

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Kevin Britt
PGA Tour Coach
PGA Class A member (26 Years)
2016 Carolinas PGA Youth Player Development Award
2019-2020 CPGA Teaching and Coaching Committee Member
2019-2020 Golf Digest Magazine Best in State
2019 Operation 36 – Top 50 Coach Award