(Greensboro, NC) – The Section sat down with the Inaugural Sunny Harris Hutchinson PGA WORKS Fellow, Telvin Walker, to hear how his experience has been over the past year. He talks about how he found his passion to work in the golf industry, what it means to be a leader and who has inspired that in him, and some of his favorite memories from his 2018-2019 season with the Carolinas PGA / PGA REACH Carolinas Team. Keep reading to hear some of his story!

  • What led you to this career?

Golf has always been a passion of mine ever since I was introduced to the game at the age of 9. After graduating from Livingstone College, I got a job at East Potomac Golf Course which would spark my love for the Golf Industry.

  • In your eyes, what does it look like to be a leader in the golf industry?

To be a leader in the industry one must “Know the way, Show the way but also Go the way towards upward mobility.” Even though golf is a great game, there are plenty of barriers that must be knocked down, so we can make this a game more inclusive for everyone.

  • What was your experience like being the first Sunny Harris Hutchinson WORKS Fellow?

Being the first Sunny Harris Hutchinson PGA WORKS Fellow has been amazing. It has been a dream come true, to be working within my passion is the best thing that almost anyone could ask for.

  • Provide us with a few highlights from your time working in the CPGA Section.

Harbour Town, Sage Valley, Quail Hollow, Pinehurst, need I say more?! The Carolinas is home to some of the most beautiful courses in the world. To be able to administer first-class events at these beautiful facilities is just amazing. It’s too many events to highlight but spending 2-weeks at Quail Hollow was the best experience hands down! Learning everything about running a high-class PGA Tour Event (Wells Fargo Championship) to administering the Quail Hollow Club Governors Cup (Member-Guest). It was an unforgettable experience and I will cherish that forever!

  • Is there any advice that you would give to young professionals looking to take the same path you did?

My only advice would be to work hard and always be thankful especially if someone is dedicating their time to help you further your career. Through this game/fellowship I have made some great connections and met some very important people that have added a lot of value and wisdom to my life.

  • What has inspired you the most working in the golf industry?

What inspires me the most while working in the industry is seeing kids play this great game. When I was younger, none of my neighborhood friends played golf, now there are programs such as PGA Jr. League which turns golf into a fun, team sport. Seeing the youth of today enjoy this great game brings me joy.

  • Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?

My family is my biggest influence, I challenge myself to be better every day. Everything that I accomplish, I attribute to them. My mother, 7 siblings and the vast list of mentors and close friends all have contributed to my success.

  • What is a work-related accomplishment you are really proud of?

One major work-related accomplishment that I am proud of is that I helped our section reach a goal of 3,000 PGA Jr. League participants for the Spring/Summer season of 2019! It was a tough goal to achieve, but we did it. Shout out to our PGA REACH Carolinas Coordinator Jessica Asbury for all of her guidance!

  • What are your goals following the completion of your WORKS Fellowship?

My main goal is to find a job in the outreach/foundation side of the Golf Industry. Golf has literally changed my life and without the game, I would not have been able to achieve any of the accolades that I have received thus far. This game has had such a positive impact on my life, and I would like to share that with the world and find the next generation of “Telvin Walker’s”.

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