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Thank you for visiting us at We’re glad you’ve taken the time to learn more about the Laser Link Distance System — the fastest, simplest, and easiest way to find distance to the target.

The Laser Link System is designed for more than just a few highly skilled players. It’s designed for all golfers — from beginners to veterans, from scratch players to 25-handicappers. It’s simple, fast, accurate, and it gives you the information you are looking for on every hole – the distance to the target. Because of its design, it is fun to use, will improve your score, and will speed up the pace of play at your club.

We look forward to having the opportunity to be part of your club, and to a future of faster, more enjoyable rounds of golf.

The Laser Link Distance System – Designed for you and the way you play the game.

Our Link Wear Collection brings you LaserFuse – 100% customizable garments! Below are our designs we created, choose from one of these or lets build a custom design!

The Link Headwear Collection has tremendous style. The Versa visor allows for a customer to keep it flat or give it a curve based on their preference. LaserFuse is also a headwear option.



Purchase any RH2 or GH1 range finder in 6 pack quantity and get 12 pack pricing!

GS1 originally 210 per, PGA show pricing 180 (must buy 6 pack). RH2 originally 180 per, PGA Show pricing 150 (must buy 6 pack).

Earn 5 % loyalty rewards on all purchases!

Can be used on other purchases and must be used by end of year.

Initially opening order of any headwear and apparel 25% OFF!


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Sales Representative

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