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Golftini unknowingly erupted 16 years ago when owner and designer, Susan Hess, couldn’t find any stylish women’s golf clothes to wear on the course. She set out to NYC garment district and found a sample maker, and designed her first skort. Soon after, Susan started selling skorts to friends and golf shops. After hearing about the PGA golf trade show, she signed up and received her first big order.

Sounds easy, right? No not at all. While raising 3 boys, without a fashion degree or any business background she figured out how to make it work. All along the way she’s met people that helped her and still gives back when she can help others.



Our vision is to design fashionable yet functional upscale golf wear with the element of “fun” in each product. We are proud of our accomplishments, our people and most of all our customers. We couldn’t have stayed in business without them or without all the fabulous feedback they have and continue to give us.

Our core values of quality, product, integrity, entrepreneurship and fun are lived by our people every day and are at the heart of our company culture. We also have always given back to breast cancer, a cause close to our hearts and for the first time we are able to really make a difference not just in awareness but in giving funds back all year long (not just in October). Committed to making a difference – we donate 1% of all sales to any 5013(c) charity of your choice


Brenda Norton
Sales Representative – North/South Carolina
(704) 490-6548

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