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GolfBuddy is a leading innovator in the golf rangefinder industry with a primary goal to provide the most accurate and innovative golf rangefinders in the market.
GolfBuddy offers a variety of affordable options in categories like Laser Rangefinders, GPS Watches, and Voice GPS.
We never charge download fees or annual subscriptions.
Our tagline reads, “Accuracy Matters’ and it is a mantra that we, at GolfBuddy, hold near and dear to us as it is reflected in our product line.

Laser Rangefinders

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GPS Watches

Aim W10 Sales Sheet


Voice GPS

GB Voice 2 Sales Sheet


Craig Reynolds
Sales Representative

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Chris Bartlow
Inside Sales Manager
(562) 921-5300

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Christian Anderson
Marketing Coordinator
(562) 921-5300

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Golf Buddy Course Library

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