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Prokope Academy

Prokope Academy
“Advancing Past Obstacles”

PGA REACH Carolinas Foundation is a proud supporter of the new Prokope Academy in Pinehurst, NC. Through the leadership of the team at Pinehurst Resort, the Prokope Academy was formed. Prokope is a Greek word that means advancing past obstacles. This characterizes the Prokope Academy’s desire to see minority teenagers advance in golf, cut past obstacles in life, and create a clearer path to a successful future.

Leading this new Prokope Academy are Carolinas PGA Section Professionals Paul McRae, Kelly Mitchum, and Pinehurst Resort member, Stan Cash. The program was established to coach minority youth in golf, life, and relationships through professional golf instructors and life mentors. These Carolinas PGA members and volunteers are focused on seeing these youth succeed.

Since April of 2021, the Prokope Academy has already added eight (8) new boys and girls ranging from 12 to 16 years of age into the game of golf. Paul McRae and Kelly Mitchum have embraced this program and are ecstatic to give back more to their community in the Pinehurst area.

“It has been such a rewarding experience seeing these kids, who really have never tried golf, give the game a chance. We are building relationships that we hope will be a positive influence for years to come,” says Mitchum.

The Prokope Academy is a great way for minority teenagers to become wise decision-makers and develop relationships that could last a lifetime while learning the game of golf.

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