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Area VI Winter Education Schedule

Event #1

Name:  GOLFTEC SwingTRU  “How to implement motion measurement in your teaching”; Hosted by Robert Gamble from GOLFTEC

Date:    January 9;  6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Cost:  There is no cost to attend this workshop

MSR:  2 points (required category)

Location:  GOLFTEC Tyvola, 726 Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC

Description: At GOLFTEC we will discuss how to use measurable, defined swing characteristics of different abilities to accelerate a student's learning curve.  As a group we will analyze golf swings from varying handicaps using a systematic approach to help solve a golfer's most basic frustration.  By the end of the session you will have new tools to help golfers of varying abilities overcome frustrations resulting in student retention.‚Äč

This workshop will be approximately 2 hours and will not include any breaks.

Event #2

Name: Merchandising Town Hall and Keys to Marketing a Successful Business

Date:  March 26; 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Cost:  There is no cost to attend this workshop

MSR:  2 points (required category)

Location: Carmel Country Club; 4735 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC

Description:  Carmel Country Club Director of Golf Jeff Nichols, and Merchandiser Alan Hyman will discuss several facets Golf Shop merchandising.  Topics will include creating buying plans, vendor relations, visual merchandising, sell through techniques, etc.  The session will include a town hall format where professionals can talk about best practices at their facilities and solicit advice from other professionals.  The second part of the event will feature Trump National Head Golf Professional, Jay Mull, and he will discuss using video and social media to market his business, as well as his keys to success.

This workshop will feature a 2 hour session, with a couple 15 minute breaks.

Event #3

Name: Using Mastermind Skill to Develop your Players: Blending old school methods with new technology; iGrow and Growing your Junior Program

Date: March 5; 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Cost:  $125 per person

MSR:   5 points (required category)

Location: Carmel Country Club; 4735 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC

Description:  Carmel Country Club Director of Instruction, Jason Sutton will discuss his teaching philosophies.  He will touch on topics of how to integrate new technology systems used in teaching with traditional teaching methods.  PGA Instructors Seth Merz and Robbie Failes will talk about how to expand and promote a junior program using the iGrow System and Operation 36.

This workshop will feature a 3 hour morning session, an hour break, and a two hour afternoon session.

Event #4

Name: iGrow & Operation 36; Growing Junior Golf through iGrow academies

Date:  March 12; 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost:  There is no cost to attend this workshop

MSR:  2 points (required category)

Location:  Carmel Country Club; 4735 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC

Description:  PGA Professionals Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan will discuss their popular iGrow Program and Operation 36.  They will discuss strategies for implementing an iGrow program, 3 lessons they’ve learned doing season long programs, conduct a demo parent orientation, and conduct a question and answer session about the program. 

This workshop will feature a 2 hour session without breaks


2017 Area Meeting Resources

Area III Meeting - Player Development - Krista Dunton, PGA

Area VI Meeting - Player Development - Jason Sutton, PGA


We could not conduct our area meetings without the support of our partners.  Please give them the opportunity to earn your business:

Global Golf Sales: Jim Hollis ( ~ 803.608.8457)

Bionic Glove:  John Ballback and Bill Shake ( ~ 803.760.3009)

PXG: North Carolina Master Fitter T.D. Luten (  ~ 480.271.5162)

Source4: Mike Bosche (  ~ 314.575.9492) 

Wireless Communications: Mark McLauchlan, PGA ( ~ 704-249-4802)


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PGA HOPE Instructor Training for the new HOPE Asheville chapter took place on Tuesday, February 28.  Eight Professionals became certified instructors under the tutelage of Master Professional Judy Alvarez, PGA.  The session included both indoor and outdoor educations and all participants received a copy of Broken Tees and Mended Hearts.  To read more, please Click Here…