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Easy Picker Golf Products, Inc

Easy Picker Golf Products designed and manufactures the “ORIGINAL” light weight Range Ball Picker. Our range ball picker has been used by thousands of range owners and golf courses throughout the world. With over 50 years of reliability our picker is the most tested, copied and dependable in the industry.

Easy Picker Golf manufactures other driving range equipment in our 45,000 sq ft plant in Fort Myers area of Florida. Items like ball washers, range dispensers, range mats and range balls, etc. Easy Picker is the industry leader in wireless technology software for our range dispensers. We stock popular brands like ParAide, Miltona, Standard Golf and inventory a full range of recycled plastic products.

Throughout this pandemic, we hope you have been healthy, safe and with family as much as possible. Easy Picker and it’s employees have safely remained open and kept all our employees working to keep your business operating to the best of your ability.

Easy Picker is on solid footing and looks forward to helping you in 2021. We continue to produce quality products you can count on. Let us know how we can serve you…contact us at 1-800-641-4653.


Giles Meyer
1-800-641-4653 ext 115

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Brett Graham
VP, General Manager
1-800-641-4653 ext 116

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Randy Balzarini
Account Executive
1-800-641-4653 ext 104

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Chris Foss
Account Executive
1-800-641-4653 ext 109

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Mike Wilcox
Account Executive
1-800-641-4653 ext 105

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