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Born and bred in Southern California, Cuater is the brain child to Robbie McKnight and his father Bob McKnight, Co-Founder of Quiksilver America. Founded on the idea of re-invigorating a category that has long been neglected, Cuater provides high-quality, innovative accessories that are a step above the rest. We look to lead the way in creating accessories for the consumer who wants to pave a new path and disrupt the status quo. We are Cuater, and U R Invited.



Nick DeMatteo
Outside Sales Professional – Carolinas & Georgia
(603) 502 – 3565

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Jamil Khuri
Inside Sales Professional
(562) 379 – 3245

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Menswear, Headwear, Footwear, Outerwear, Gloves, Tournament Gifts, Accessories, Travel

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