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About Us

About Us

In May of 1923, a group of seventeen head and three assistant professionals joined hands at Greensboro Country Club and formed the Carolinas PGA Section of the Professional Golfers’ Association. The PGA of America officially recognized the Carolinas Section in 1940, and since then the Carolinas Section has grown to be the largest of the PGA’s forty-one sections, with more than 2,200 professional members. Our geographic territory embraces North and South Carolina as well as a small portion of southern Virginia, and we currently have PGA members employed at more than 725 golf facilities in the Carolinas.

The Carolinas PGA is dedicated to nurturing and improving the quality of the game for the thousands of golfers using our member facilities. PGA Professionals are responsible for conducting a variety of golf-related functions that include golf shop merchandising, golf instruction, tournament operations, Junior golf programs, golf club repair, administering the Rules, public relations and much more.

Because of this highly visible role at the facility, the PGA Professional has the unique ability to impact virtually every facet of the club’s operation and the golfers playing at the facility. In short, the PGA professional is at the very pulse of the game.

In its most highly visible role, the PGA and the 41 section offices across the country are responsible for conducting more than 2,000 professional and amateur tournaments annually. In the Carolinas Section alone, we conduct more than 200 tournaments each year and pay out $900,000 in prize money.