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Saintnine Golf Balls




As an Official Partner of the LPGA, Saintnine is turning heads with the performance and message behind its unique line of golf balls. Founded in 2012 by Nexen Tire, the company has been able to take their knowledge and advancements in rubber and apply them to golf. Being one of the global leaders in tire manufacturing has given Saintnine the ability to prioritize quality above all else yet still provide an affordable option for every level of the game.

Each ball features a graphic “Mental Mate”, a sleek and vibrant character meant to inspire the player with symbolic representations of the mental characteristics needed to succeed in golf.

Extreme Soft Gold

4-Piece Urethane


3-Piece Ionomer, Matte Finish


The Only 2-Piece Urethane Ball In Golf


Craig Reynolds
Sales Representative – NC and Western SC

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Dwight Hansen, PGA
National Sales Manager

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Jack Taylor
Regional Sales Rep

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Ryan Campbell
Marketing Coordinator

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Ambassador: Charlie Rymer  

PGA Professional and TV Personality


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