Ikonik’s Platform Gives Coaches Ability To Create New Revenue Opportunities And Deliver More Effective Training Programs In Less Time On The Range

OCTOBER 12, 2020 (BROWNS SUMMIT, NORTH CAROLINA)The Carolinas PGA and Ikonik (, an online platform built for golf coaches to deliver personalized and effective training for their students, are teaming up to drive innovation in golf training. The new partnership will allow coaches to spend less time on the range, and shift focus to generating more income and better results for their students.

Ikonik’s blended learning approach – championing a mix of in-person and digital education – is more efficient and effective. While traditional lessons result in only 9% student retention, blended learning programs increase mastery by 60% in 60% less time spent.

The Ikonik platform innovates on the tried and true process training model, which benchmark tests what a student is looking to improve upon, teaches the technique, trains movement patterns and then retests to measure success. With Ikonik, coaches now have the tools to develop and distribute personalized digital process training programs that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Coaches can use Ikonik’s extensive library of training templates, videos, drills and challenges as is or personalize them to fit their needs. Students and coaches communicate in real time throughout the process to gauge improvement, either fully virtually via Ikonik’s app, or through the blended approach with a mix of in-person and remote coaching.

“We all want to be the very best we can be in the chosen areas we work in. Being a great PGA Instructor/Coach takes far more than understanding ball flight laws and being able to communicate effectively with our students. As we respect tradition, we also need to embrace change. Ikonik Golf takes all that is held traditionally sacred within instruction and combines it with avenues to connect with students in today’s fast paced world,” said Brendon Elliot, PGA Professional – Orlando, FL. “Simply put, Ikonik Golf is a game changer.”

“Coaches only have so much time and students can only remember so much. The traditional coaching model is ripe for improvement. By supplementing on-course instruction with virtual training, Ikonik helps coaches effectively and efficiently train more players, maximize their time on and off the course, and create new streams of revenue. We are honored to work with partners like the Carolinas PGA to support coaches and keep more players engaged with the game we all love.” said James Shalhoup, Ikonik CEO.

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About Ikonik

Ikonik is an online platform built for golf coaches to deliver personalized & effective training for their students.

We are on a mission to make golf better by driving innovation in coaching. Through a mobile application, coaches can distribute quality content, build custom programs, test player progress, and deliver actionable results. Your lessons, your knowledge, your effort — powered and scaled by our technology.

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