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A husband and wife team who left the comfort zone to help make the world a more comfortable place. With no backgrounds in clothing design or manufacturing, they left their careers, cashed out 401Ks, and set out to reinvent men’s undergarments, the way they should be: more tailored, fit, and fashionable. That’s how our patented Stay-Tucked Undershirt and the revolutionary Tommy John brand was born.

They had no idea what would come next, but since day one, they’ve been restless. As a result, more life-changing products followed: underwear that never rides up, socks that never roll down, apparel that moves with you, and our much-anticipated women’s line. Through it all, TJ is obsessed over every detail, every stitch, every glitch, every improvement, and every new possibility. We’re proud to be a company built on firsts, with fabric, fit, and function always at our core.


Greg Fickler, PGA
North and South Carolina – Sales representative

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Menswear, Womenswear, Headwear, Outerwear, Tournament Gifts, Accessories

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