Player Development Award: Jeff Shores, PGA

Golf Squad LLC

Jeff Shores, Executive Director of Golf Squad based in Huntersville, NC, receives the Player Development Award for his contributions and achievements in the area of Player Development. Jeff founded Golf Squad In 2011 after being inspired by a PGA Seminar on Growth of the Game. He wrote a series of instructional handbooks covering etiquette, rules, history, vocabulary, and swinging a golf club all designed to educate participants on the process of becoming a golfer. Jeff started Golf Squad as a small, local, after school program, and has grown it into a widespread national business. Through Jeff’s Golf Squad programming he has contracted instructional services from hundreds of PGA Members and Apprentices. Golf Squad provides training, curriculum, and resources for PGA Members to connect with their communities, primarily through teaching the game at local schools and some corporate programs. Jeff Shores has been a CPGA Member since 2004.