PGA Jr League Section Qualifier Championship

August 22, 2018 - Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club

PGA Jr. League Section Championship - Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club

Today we kicked off our 2018 PGA Jr. League Section Championship at Mid-Pines Inn & Golf Club. There were four (4) teams competing in this event: Charlotte 3 (Captain: Brent Reneau, PGA), Hilton Head League (Captain: Monica Franklin, PGA), Raleigh 3 (Captain: Andy Gregory), and Carmel Country Club (Captain: Seth Merz). These juniors played very well and we had two (2) teams advance to the Carolinas PGA Jr. League Section Championship Finals this afternoon: Charlotte 3 and Raleigh 3. The Charlotte 3 team earned 8 points and the Raleigh 3 team came out with 4 points.

We are happy to announce that the Charlotte 3 team is the 2018 Carolinas PGA Section Champions and they are captained by Brent Reneau and coached by Taryn Wolford. Let's give a big congratulations to all of the players: Garrett Began, Cameron Cleveland, Logan Erwin, Ella Kue, Matthew McDougall, Ellen Prichard, Elizabeth Prichard, Zach Schneider, Sumanyo Bedi, and Robby Thompson.

Due to the fact the Carolinas PGA Section won an “at-large bid,” we were given the opportunity to take two (2) teams to the PGA Jr. League Regional Qualifiers at Raintree Country Club. This means both Charlotte 3 and the Raleigh 3 teams will advance to the 2018 PGA Regional Qualifier at Raintree Country Club on September 29th & 30th.