Career Corner - October

With PGA Employment Consultant, Michael Mueller


I am writing this month’s article from the CPGA Championship outside Charlotte, and it is always great to see the CPGA community get together for a few days of fun and fellowship. With that in mind, I hope that you have marked your calendars for the Pro –Pro Championship in Pinehurst  at the end of November and CPGA Big Week in February.

In last month’s Career Corner article I wrote about the tools available to you to help quantify and communicate your success stories to your current employer, owner, or Board of Directors. This month, I want to talk about using that information to impress your next employer, and you will do that by updating your resume to more accurately tell your story.

The baseball playoffs are in full swing, and if you watch the games you might hear the statistic WAR (wins above replacement), which essentially is a single statistic used to measure a players value relative to other players. While there is no comparable single measurement in the golf industry that can show your value, your resume is the tool that employers will use to assess your value and make hiring decisions. With that in mind, your resume needs to be the best representation of you, your skills, and your experiences. Does your resume show that you add measurable value to your facility (and can be of value to a new employer)?

To get started, I want you to complete the following exercise. Using your responses from the Golf Operations Executive Summary and Revenue Scorecard, create a list of at least 5 things you have done at your facility that created value this in 2017. Use the following guidelines when creating your list:

  1. Write your success stories using bullet points, as they will appear on your resume
  2. Include numbers and percentages to quantify and bring validity to your stories
  3. Find examples of success from all areas of the operation (instruction, merchandising, tournament participation, etc)
  4. Don’t forget about the positive impact golf has on other departments. Often times your golf programs affect the bottom line of the Membership and Food & Beverage departments in a positive way. Attempt to quantify those also!

The goal of this exercise is to transform your resume from a list of duties to a document that shows value and effectively tells the story of your value to a facility. Don’t let your resume read like a job description!

The PGA offers many other resume tips in the Job Hunters Toolkit on, and I encourage you to read the document for ideas on formatting, critical components of resumes, etc. I also hope that you will send me a copy of your resume for my review. A second set of eyes can often help clean up formatting and catch typos and grammatical errors. I’d be happy to give you my feedback on your resume!

Finally, I will be starting my Winter Road Show in November. Throughout the winter, I will be coming to each Area in the Carolinas PGA to set up individual meetings with PGA Members who want to talk about their careers and discuss your goals. I will be in Charleston (Area 3) on Tuesday, November 14th and in Myrtle Beach (Area 7) on Wednesday, November 15th. Appointments will be limited, so please send me an email at if you would like to meet.