Career Corner - September

The calendar tells me that we have hit Fall, which means football season and shorter days. Here in the Carolinas, it also means the beginning of the end of the season for the majority of the facilities in the section. I hope everyone had a successful season, and I want to use this article to discuss the importance of communicating your success stories to your manager, owner, or Board of Directors. Regardless of your role at your facility, there is a need for regular communication of financial information, successes for you and your staff, and upcoming challenges.

The PGA offers tools to help you quantify and communicate your successes by using the Revenue Scorecard and the Golf Operations Executive Summary.  Both are simple to use an easily accessible on, or simply click the links above (and login with your password).

The Revenue Scorecard is an online tool designed to quantify and report additional revenue derived for your facility from your Player Development Programming. This number is a key business measure that can be shared with your manager, owner, or Board of Directors to demonstrate your value to the facility. You will want to gather the following information before beginning, all of which will be kept confidential.


Private Facilities

  1.  Number of adults and juniors participating in programmed lessons

  2.  Average instruction spend

  3.  Total number of members

  4.  Number of new members

  5.  Number of members who’ve resigned


Public Facilities

  1.  Number of adults and juniors participating in programmed lessons

  2.  Average green fees

  3.  New player spend

  4.  Total number of rounds played by new golfers


The Golf Operations Executive Summary is a template that you can download and customize with your name and facility logo, and will allow you to provide a written summary for your Manager, owner, or Board of Directors. Be sure to fill it with facts backed up by data. For example:

  • Grew rounds of golf for September 2017 vs September 2016 by X%, even though there were 2 less playable days in 2017 due to weather

  • Created $x,xxx in incremental dining revenue as a result of Parent-Child Par 3 event


For this report to be effective as both a communication tool and as a career building tool, it needs to be used consistently and you should relentlessly track the data, especially related to revenue creation and expense management. Agree on a communication schedule with whoever you will be giving this report to, and stick to it! Save a copy of each report, as we will be using them to negotiate changes to compensation and to update your resume in the coming months.


Taking the time to highlight your successes can have a positive impact on your career and will assist you when you are applying for jobs. While it is only one small step in the career planning process, it is a critical one! Please remember that I am here to help no matter where you are in your career, so please do not hesitate to call me at 919.552.3781 or email me at I hope to see many of you at the rescheduled CPGA Championship in Charlotte next month!