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S.C.O.R.E. with the Carolinas PGA

Safe Compliant Outdoor Recreation for Everyone

Here we will share best practices and resources to help keep your staff, members, and community safe during this challenging time.

With any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Carolinas PGA Staff or any member of our Board of Directors. If you have a best practice at your facility that you would like to share, please send to Director of Marketing, Sally Morgan.

Featured Video

Moss Creek Golf Club – AJ Gerlach, PGA creates special ball removal device

AJ Gerlach, PGA, Head Professional at Moss Creek Golf Club, took the initiative and created his own device to remove the ball from the cup.  He shared that information on his YouTube channel, so other Pros and Clubs could possibly implement it as well.

Bob Byrnes, PGA – CPGA President

Bob is here to launch this SCORE initiative and share best practices and ways you can find resources during this challenging time.

Chris Byrd, PGA – CPGA Vice President

Chris share with us an easy way to determine and ensure you are 6′ away from people around you at the golf course.

Josh Wagaman, PGA – CPGA Secretary

Josh shares engagement strategies they are instituting with their members to partner with them to keep everyone safe and compliant.

Paige Cribb, PGA – CPGA Honorary President

Paige shares a few best practices to keep you safe during this time.

Jeff Avant, PGA – CPGA Tournament Chair

Jeff shares how he has his range set up during this time to keep staff and players safe.

Tom Mason, PGA – SC At-Large Director

Tom shares with how he uses bleach to sanitize his golf balls at his driving range.

Greensboro CC – Social Distancing on the Golf Course

Director of Golf, Bud Taylor shares with us a best practice on ensuring you are at least 6 feet away from others on the course.

Josh May, PGA – Mountains Chapter Director

Josh shares various best practices he has seen over the last few weeks and encourages safe compliance and utilization of resources provided by the CPGA and other associations.

Ben Smith, PGA – Lowcountry Chapter Director

Ben shares with us best practices for collecting payment at your facility.

Jim Lohbauer, PGA – Greater Charlotte Chapter Director

Jim shares how they have their staging area set up and shows us the sanitation procedure for their Clicgear push-carts.

Matt Daly, PGA – Grand Strand Chapter Director

Matt shares with us how they sanitize their golf cars on a daily basis.

Marshall Stott, PGA – Cape Fear Chapter Director

Marshall shares how they are sanitizing their golf cars at River Landing to keep players safe but also keeping staff safe during the process.

Robb Wade, PGA – Triangle Chapter Director

Robb has shared a video the staff at Lonnie Pool created to showcase some tools they are utilizing to stay safe and compliant.

Dan O’Boyle, PGA – Atlantic Chapter Director

Dan shares various best practices he is using at Sea Scape Golf Links from signage when golfers arrive with reminders, properly spaced out golf cars in the staging area, and single riders throughout rounds.

David La Pour, PGA – Director of Instruction, Colleton River

David shares some resources for teaching professionals to use to maintain a safe teaching operation during this time.