Gaby Rivera-Garcia

Sunny Harris Hutchinson PGA WORKS Fellow

Puerto Rico

Gaby was born and raised in the country of Puerto Rico. She lived there for the majority of her childhood before moving to Virginia prior to the start of high school. Gaby has been playing golf since she was 11 years old but did not play competitively until age 14. She continued her passion for golf all the way to college where she played for Chowan University’s women's golf team, serving as the team captain for two years. Gaby has recently graduated with a degree in mathematics and a minor in coaching. Her plan is to become a PGA member and eventually coach a golf team of her own.

Outside of work, Gaby enjoys playing golf, eating, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and religiously watching golf tournaments on TV.

She has a Siberian Husky named Princess Leah.

FUN FACT - What is your favorite spectator activity? (movie, concert, sports, shows) - Going nuts shopping at the gift/merchandise shop fr concerts and golf tournaments